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“You Are”

Character features or personality traits. It is inherent potential to be harnessed and developed – some people have natural predispositions for certain things. However, these need to be practiced, even though they are not completely forgotten with time. Attributes are what you are.

Ability to use initiative

Is capable of taking initiative in order to make decisions or influence events. At the same time, is able to work without constant supervision, taking full responsibility for his decisions and actions.

Critical and Analytical thinking

It is thinking about thinking – skeptical reflection and habit of checking own logic in arguments as well as logic of others. The ability do decide whether one should be persuaded by an argument, and deciding on what one believes. Also the ability to assess consequences of own actions, and actions of others.

Detail Oriented
Detail oriented people are able to consistently perform their duties with no excessive oversights and are able to pick up small but relevant material information, missed by most others. At the same time, they do not lose sight of the big picture for all the small elements.
Innovation consists of developing new ideas (products, services, processes) which adds commercial or social value, as well as enhancing existing ones (products, services, processes). Important part is overseeing the implementation of these ideas: innovation goes well beyond simply coming up with an idea.
Perseverance and motivation

The will to overcome obstacles, setbacks, rejections and struggle when pursuing a goal. Such individual is able to find his way through problems even though the path is difficult, long and stressful. Maintains long-term effort and progresses despite momentary shortages or distractions. A grit.

Working under pressure
The ability to perform just as well in a stressful environment as in a regular one. Such individual performs well in an urgent situation or important matters, and is capable of working to tight deadlines.
It is an ability to successfully adapt to new circumstances and to accept changes. Adaptable people perform well in constantly changing environment, or on unstable ground, and are capable of effective rapid response to unexpected developments. Naturally adaptable people are not threatened diversion from their daily routines.
Decision - making
Shows capability of making necessary decisions, even difficult or unpleasant ones, appropriately and regarding all involved factors. Once a decision is made, the individual stays committed to it and deals with setbacks, unless the chosen path proves to be disadvantageous or a more realistic solution presents itself.

Attributes needed to set up a new business venture – spotting new opportunities, risk-taking mind-set and autonomous approaches. Ability to finish project.
In SMEs and start-ups are new opportunities identified outside of current business scope, which is entrepreneurship. In large corporations new opportunities can exist within set business scope, which is intrapreneurship.

Interpersonal Skills
Ability to relate to others and to successfully build lasting warm relationships. Such is a non-conflicting person, who uses diplomacy effectively. Is tactful and tolerant, gets well along with others, and interacts with people adequately in order to get a job done.
Service Oriented
It is a genuine desire to meet customers’ needs and requirements. Service oriented person puts customers’ or clients’ interests first and maintain long-term relationship with them. Such individual is courteous, considerate, communicative, and proactive, responds in timely solutions for customers and is willing to go extra mile for his clients.