Employability Enhancement Hub

Develop Your Employability

How can the Audit help?

Use the tool to see how you feel about the development of your skills and qualities. Your answers will be sent to your email directly.

Think of the modules you have taken and look at the module outlines. There is a section dedicated to employability skills and how the module and course work help you develop those. Also think of any projects you have taken part in during your course.
Work Experience

This can include part- time jobs, summer placements, work shadowing or internships.
A useful thing to do is to keep your job specification, this will have all the key skills and also can help when you are thinking of evidence on how you have developed which you can use in your CV or in interviews.

Extra - curricular activities

They can include volunteering, participation in clubs and societies and are highly beneficial to your employability development as they show that you have done much more than just study while at University. 

Those will help you get the most of your University experience!

How can the Journey help?

Use the tool to record what skills and qualities you have developed prior to, during and after University.