Employability Enhancement Hub

Audit your skills

Complete this employability audit and see what you need to focus on.
Upon completion of the audit you will receive an email which will contain all answers you have given, along with your total score.
The score can help you see how developed your employability is:

If you score 500 or more points you are a SUPERSTAR!

That means that you have both extensive academic and practical experience in the skills required.

If you score between 380 and 500 you are a MASTER!

This indicates that while you have some practical experience in developing your employablity, most of your expertise are in the academic field. You should focus on practical development.

If you score between 190 and 380 you are a NOVICE!

This shows that you have some academic experience, but no practical application. Further academic and practical development should be your focus.

If you score less than 190 you are a START UP!

This could indicate that you have just started your development and must work initially within your course and then take what you have learned and use it in practice.

After you have seen your score have a look at specific skills which are indicated as required by your future employer.
Have a look at our Useful Links Portal and search for your desired profession within some of the job hunting sites we have highlighted. See how developed your skills are in the areas which have been specified.

Apply discipline knowledge and concepts
Commercial Awareness
ICT Literacy
Information Literacy
Leadership Skills
Management Skills
Negotiation and Persuation
Planning and Research
Practical Skills
Presentation Skills
Self - management
Team - work
Visual Literacy
Contributing to discussions
Dealing with Conflict
Global Mindset
Listening and Questioning
Office Etiquette
Problem Solving
Quality Control
Strong Work Ethics
Time Management
Ability to use initiative
Critical and Analytical thinking
Decision - making
Detail Oriented
Interpersonal Skills
Service Oriented
Working under pressure

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