Employability Enhancement Hub


Your Employability Hub

 This is your online employability platform that is built to help you enhance your employability.

We’ve researched about what actually matters to employers and how you can acquire or develop the skills and qualities they value. To secure a graduate job your need to have a degree, but employers increasingly are looking for more than a degree when recruiting. In Your Employability Hub, you will learn about the key skills and qualities employers want from graduates, you will find out how to make and record experiences within and outside of your course and uncover what you’ve learned from these experiences and demonstrate them in a skills-based CV that would be attractive to an employer.

The 3D Employability Road Map serves to bring you from start to end on the employability journey to your future career and aspirations.

The 3D’s refer to Define, Develop and Demonstrate.
Define – you will become aware of what key skills, behaviors and values, and attributes employers are looking for from graduates when they are recruiting.
Develop – you will be acquiring or developing the skills, behaviors and values, and attributes that you will need to demonstrate to your future employers.
Demonstrate – you will be reviewing and updating your CV.


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